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Adriana Garcia has 12 years experience in the field of applied behavior analysis. Her management and leadership skills have allowed her to successfully climb up to the top of the corporate ladder through the roles of a behavior therapist, program manager, clinical supervisor, and clinical director. She shifted her focus from helping children rise to the level of their same-aged peers, to creating programs filled with the purpose to teach independence and promote the least restrictive environments for individuals of all ages.  Her passion is fueled by providing services and making resources readily available particularly to the under served communities through her active participation in the Global Autism Project. Adriana hopes she can disseminate more services in the community through her commitment to teach others how to provide services using applied behavior analysis (ABA) and believes the clinicians she takes under her wing will help her achieve her ultimate goal of providing individuals with disabilities the opportunity to have an increase quality of life, with sustainability.  When she is not molding bright new clinicians, Adriana teaches yoga, enjoys  getting lost in a good book, and loves to get creative through her artwork.

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